Karina Sandoval has several years of experience working for international nonprofit organizations in Latin America, United States of America and Europe. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from La Molina State University in Peru and a Master’s Degree in Business and Administration, MBA from University of Dallas in the U.S and a Master’s Degree in International Development from University of Amsterdam.

Her areas of expertise include: International corporate partnerships, Fundraising events, cause-related marketing campaigns, CSR, and Grant research.

In 2008, Karina was honored with “La Cima” Emerging Leader Award by the Chamber of Commerce in Dallas for embodying leadership traits and for her work with the United Nations on the publication called “Two Degrees of Separation between Hope and Despair”.

Karina has worked for several years with Helen Maynard-Hill the Director of IFC Netherlands and lives for part of each year in Amsterdam.

In Peru she has develop a thorough understanding of the third sector, and is encouraged by the country’s economic development and subsequent emergence of a robust civil society.

Karina has many years’ experience of Latin America and a thorough knowledge of the region.

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