Beatrice has more than 20 years experience working in grant-making, fundraising, institutional building and management for a range of international organisations. Most recently, in addition to being IFC’s new Director for Switzerland she also worked for over one and a half years as the part-time CEO of the ‘European Fundraising Association’, a not-for-profit organisation working to promote state-of-the-art fundraising across Europe.

She has exceptional analytical and strategic skills and she is an experienced programme and project leader and developer.

Her experience most notably includes working for eight years as a senior programme officer with a world leading grant-making foundation, where she managed a multi-million portfolio of grants. As part of her experience, she directed a Brussels-based European Federation of national organisations; in addition to managing the organisation, she also spearheaded lobbying campaigns and fundraising from public institutions, national governments and private companies.

A German national born in Romania, Beatrice is used to operating in multi-cultural multi-lingual environments. She speaks fluently English, French, German and Romanian, and has good knowledge of Spanish.

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